Monday, August 29, 2011

Marriage 101

I believe 2 is better than 1 in a marriage relationship. Guys if you have a wife that is more loving and understanding as to making things work in a relationship for a great marriage. Gals if you have a husband that is also loving and understanding as to making things work in a relationship for a great marriage. Communication is the key to great and successful marriage. I believe that birthdays are very important in marriages. Ladies if your "huddy" birthdays is coming up soon, you need to buy him something to make him feel & look good and same things for the men. A 2 or 3 piece suit. Men if your wife's birthday is coming up, take her to her favorite hair salon to get her a "NEW" hairstyle. But if she is one of those women that styles her own hair. I would buy her a sexy short dress! And if she does not like short dresses? Then buy her red roses and buy you and your wife and 2 day 3 night stay at a local or out of town hotel. You guys are going to have so many nights of beautiful sexual intercourse together.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brotherhood & Manhood

Hello My Brothers,
This week we will focus on doing the right thing. My favorite movie is Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. As Lee's character is named Mookie. He also was a director of the movie. Mookie was in a stage in his life where he either wanted to hang with his buddies and work at Sal's Pizzeria Pallor or go to college and get a real job when he graduates. Oh, by the way he had a girlfriend and had sexual intercourse with her and made her pregnant, this is all by not getting married. But my point is all of Mookie's life choices was not good choices and some where good. What I mean my brothers is if you love a women and want to be with that same women then Do The Right Thing. Do not have sexual intercourse with so many women because unprotected sex is not a game and having sex with so many women does not make you a man. Please, lets be honest with your self and be true to one women and only one women! "Life is choice driven, we live or die by the choices that we make." PEACE!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dating 101

I believe friendships are a big part of our cultrue. I am currently attending community college and many students are career minded. My goal is to either graduate or transfer to a 4 year university with a bacholors degree in either General Business or Mass Communication in radio broadcasting. I would date someone who is employed in a fouture 300, 400 or 500 corporation or radio broadcasting company and/or radio station. Ladies, these guys are professional men, real powerful professional pretigious working men. Gentlemen, these gals are professional women, real high prestigious classy professional women. These people loves NETWORKING.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girlfriends & Sisterhood

Strong friendships with girlfriends either high school or college friends or classmates are always a good way to make a tremendous bond of sisterhood. Also with brotherhood from high or from college. Both sisterhood and brotherhood makes good friends and sometimes it can create a strong possibly for a wedding.

Marriage 101

Good Communication between husband & wife is key to a successful marriage. Talk with married couples and they will tell you the same thing and more.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brotherhood & Manhood

If you have not read my blog on divorced men. You must read it! Now men I know that you guys have buddies and have developed many friendships. The right people or the right guys (IE) mentors can make a huge impact in the lives of men. An investment into a boy's life by spending quaility time with him especially, when he has no father in the home or for guidance into him growing up to be a mature man is very important. I challenge every man to volunteer one to two hours or more a week to be a mentor. You will feel so good that you have the opportunity to give yourself back to our community. Take him to go bowling or camping or play put-put golf. When you do it, you will put a smile on a young dudes face and you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Divorced Men!

Men have feelings, too! Divorced men have more to lose than divorced women. Its always men who have to pay attreneys fees and more fees from allomony and wills etc. Everything adds up to hundereds of thousands of dollars for lawyers and the bill goes to the divorced man. Also if the divorced man wins verdict, the divorced woman pays attreneys fees. The bottom line is both parties lose. If childern are involed then it becomes very emotional for them. Moving foward its all what you make it out to be and you as a man must tell your childern that you still love them after the divorce becomes final. Now if you choose to get into the dating game for the first time or if this is your second or more try at dating then "GO FOR IT", love at first site works for some people and other people it does not. However, please "my brother" take this second, thrid or whatever relationships slowly and easy. Give you and your female friend time to commuicate together. Get time to really know each other better.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Dating 101

Friends are very important. I mean men and women friends. If you guys have been together for more than two years its a possibility that you guys would like to talk about getting married. Now if you guys need more time to really get to know each other well, in my opinion I believe two years is more than enough time to meet and get to know each others parents, sisters or brothers, aunts and uncle's. Remember communication is the key to a solid realationship. So dude keep talking to her. So babygirl keep talking to him.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Single or Unmarried Women who changes her look.

I believe a single or unmarried women who changes her outer appearance is looking get back to the dating sence. I would like to give any women who decides to either change her hair color or cut her hair from long to short. You have a sence in your heart to start your life over. Whatever trail or bad experienc in your life or if you are widow. You are making the right decision. Start meeting new people that you do not know and always put on a smile when you meet new people.

My Future Sweetheart

I am looking for a african american women. Five feet; eleven inches tall, weighs 144 pounds. Long black or yellow blonde hair down to the middle of her back. Light to medium skinned complexion that loves to put on make-up in the morning and likes to take make-up off when she goes to bed. Likes either to do her own hair or go the salon and have a professional hairstylist do her hair. I love a women who wares mini dresses or long sleeve slik blouses and mini skirts. When she relaxes, she wares blue jeans and a tank top or blue jean shorts, a tank top and flip flops. In the evening she can ware her hair up in a pony-tail hairstyle or down cut and curled styled in feadered layers, (aka....Kim Kardasian or Long hairstyles like Lil Kim). Her hands must be soft (hand & body lotion) long or short manicured fingernails and toenails manicured too. Finally to top everything that I like is a women who likes to ware stelletos heel shoes. So, if you are a single/unimarried or widowed lady who likes to change her look then you are the women I am looking for and if you are this type of lady, then your are the lady of my dreams. If you are this women that I trully desire and hopefully become my future wife and sweetheart then email me @ or look me up on facebook .
P.S. I do not try to make demans on women but please please give it some thought and think about what you have read. Please have a charge of heart.
I believe that women with short hair is old school. But that's not a bad thing at all. However, today the majority of men like women with long or longer hairstyles. I personally like women with longer hairstyles. I am currently a single unmarried man. I am looking for a afican american lady who is 5 feet 11 inches tall, light to medium skin tone and weights 144 pounds. Also she is wlling to change her look. I am talking about outside appearance. Now I am OK with a women who has already cut her hair from long to short but I also like women with short hairstyles who look sexy. For example: A short straight hair cut style with a mini dress or mini shirt. Nice blouse, fishnets and stelleto heels. The idea women for me, for example: long hair which is stlyed in long federed or wing layers with either a part in the front middle or either side of the hair (aka) Kim Kardasian or Lil Kim's long hairstyles. By now you get the idea! If this is you? email me: @ or on facebook @ .