Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time Heals All Wounds in a Divorce

There is a time and place in our lives where a man meets a woman and a woman meets man who are both unmarried and become friends. They go out on their first date. It does not matter if they meet through work, college or church. Or even introduced through a friend of the family. Communication is the key to a successful marriage. A bruised relationship are cause for emotional break down in lack of relationships. Another is adultery. This is largely caused by husband lying to their wives about being out so late at night. The husband leaves his job and tells his wife a lie and tells her that he is will be working overtime on his job. However, he is with a very attractive young woman and their are having an affair. How can you especially as a unmarried woman can set relationship guide lines so you can be prepared if your next husband to be does the same.

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