Friday, January 22, 2010

Holding A Conversation Is Key To Long Relationships

Women love men who hold a good conversation. They are sensitive human beings and easy to get hurt with words like whore and slut. I believe that when unmarried women date unmarried men, the men needs to treat a lady with respect. People who start relationships as co-workers, church members and Internet dating sites. Its very important for men to take the lead in the conversation. Say things like "Whats your favorite television reality show?" "What places you like to go?" make the time on the phone very interesting. Let your friend know that you care and willing to talk about something that you are comfortable. Make very sure that you know their name, especially women. Because if you forget to say her real name you are as a men are going to lose not only the conversation but the women as well.

Holding A Conversation With Your Women Or Men

I believe that women are right when they say, we need a men that can hold a decent conversation. Its a plus for especially for single/unmarried women for any bachelor to say to right things. Women are sensitive natured human beings. Women are sometimes get their feelings hurt by either men or other women. Negative words the hurt emotionally is devastating to a women. Her thoughts and passions are evident when harmful words like whore and slut. There are husbands who day in and day out love their wives unconditionally. However, some husbands treat their wives like animals and worst like beasts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What To Say & How To Say It

Hello Everybody,

This week I will talk briefly about my show segment "What To Say & How To Say It". If you are a female or male single wanting to introduce yourself to somebody say,"Hello" and smile. A smile makes a big difference. Now if the person is someone you do not know? Then if you are a male say,"Hello, I really love your hair!". If you do not get a response or if she doesn't speak to you then walk way. It could be one of two things say she will not speak to you, either she has been in a argument with someone & doesn't want to talk, or she doesn't know you. So just be aware of it. Get to know the person first. If you are a co-worker, church member or business partner you can start a friendship with him or her that can lead into a more meaningful relationships.

Friday, January 8, 2010


This is the first major blog from my dating Internet radio talk show. I have been a radio talk show host since April of 2008. I had my start with blogtalkradio as a radio host talking politics then changed my radio talk show format after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.
I started talking about single men should date single women who ware stilettos/heels. I have gotten many people who call my show with negative feedback from callers. I would not go in detail what the callers said but it was a very cold hard-ed response. I believe that single women should ware stilettos on the first date. I think its "HOT" and very sexy for women to show their legs. I also think unmarried singles should become friends first then everything else will follow.