Friday, January 15, 2010

What To Say & How To Say It

Hello Everybody,

This week I will talk briefly about my show segment "What To Say & How To Say It". If you are a female or male single wanting to introduce yourself to somebody say,"Hello" and smile. A smile makes a big difference. Now if the person is someone you do not know? Then if you are a male say,"Hello, I really love your hair!". If you do not get a response or if she doesn't speak to you then walk way. It could be one of two things say she will not speak to you, either she has been in a argument with someone & doesn't want to talk, or she doesn't know you. So just be aware of it. Get to know the person first. If you are a co-worker, church member or business partner you can start a friendship with him or her that can lead into a more meaningful relationships.

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