Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brotherhood & Manhood

Hello My Brothers,
This week we will focus on doing the right thing. My favorite movie is Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing. As Lee's character is named Mookie. He also was a director of the movie. Mookie was in a stage in his life where he either wanted to hang with his buddies and work at Sal's Pizzeria Pallor or go to college and get a real job when he graduates. Oh, by the way he had a girlfriend and had sexual intercourse with her and made her pregnant, this is all by not getting married. But my point is all of Mookie's life choices was not good choices and some where good. What I mean my brothers is if you love a women and want to be with that same women then Do The Right Thing. Do not have sexual intercourse with so many women because unprotected sex is not a game and having sex with so many women does not make you a man. Please, lets be honest with your self and be true to one women and only one women! "Life is choice driven, we live or die by the choices that we make." PEACE!

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