Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Divorced Men!

Men have feelings, too! Divorced men have more to lose than divorced women. Its always men who have to pay attreneys fees and more fees from allomony and wills etc. Everything adds up to hundereds of thousands of dollars for lawyers and the bill goes to the divorced man. Also if the divorced man wins verdict, the divorced woman pays attreneys fees. The bottom line is both parties lose. If childern are involed then it becomes very emotional for them. Moving foward its all what you make it out to be and you as a man must tell your childern that you still love them after the divorce becomes final. Now if you choose to get into the dating game for the first time or if this is your second or more try at dating then "GO FOR IT", love at first site works for some people and other people it does not. However, please "my brother" take this second, thrid or whatever relationships slowly and easy. Give you and your female friend time to commuicate together. Get time to really know each other better.

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